Introduction to Courtney

Recently reimbursement changed for Genvisc.  In the process of reevaluating if we wanted to continue with a knee program, we revisited other synergistic areas included DME, PT, and WC.  Recently, the discussion around WC picked up and there is even a franchise opportunity.  I am not part of the franchise.  I don't have all the details of what they do, but I like the idea of WC and if it's the right thing for you, they could be a great resource.  

Reimbursement for me for Genvisc is now less than the price of the ingredient.  The last time I checked, Trivisc was still reimbursed.  I've looked into and got licensed in the past for DME and WC.  

This video is an introduction to Courtney.  She is a consultant for close to 2 dozen clinics in my town, well-known and liked.  She is helping me with my DME, WC and practice decisions, and I thought other clinics could benefit from getting to know her.

We did a zoom video, I missed recording the intro, so I am typing one here, but was able to record the rest.

My quick summary, Courtney is an amazing consultant who could help you plan and implement your practice strategy and is flexible and willing to work with others for your best clinic success.  


Best to all,