Clinician Training - Virtual

Clinician Training - Virtual

$3500 Clinician Training - Virtual

Virtual training for first provider at the provider's location.

Complete virtual training package: See Details below. Call 702-670-0397 to Sign up now


Virtual (Online) Training


We provide the following via online technology (Virtually) for a one-time fee:

    Endocrine review
    Lab work
    Functional medicine
Pellet management and implantation:
    We coach you on treating male and female patients.
Pharmacy setup: We find you the most trustworthy and financially
    beneficial pharmacy that can ship to your location.
Supply list assistance: We offer a list of resources so that you
    can find all the supplies and equipment required.
Patient paperwork: We provide all the needed paperwork to
    complete your pellet practice.
Marketing: In addition to the quality training and support you need,
    we also furnish you with a wide range of custom marketing
    material to educate your patients. From customizable brochures
    to social media posts, you'll receive comprehensive marketing
    solutions including:
        Social media posts
        Patient seminar programs