Monthly Membership/Dosing Site

Monthly Membership/Dosing Site

$500 Monthly Membership / 24-7 Hotline and Dosing Site

Dosing Calculator / Support Membership

For those who have completed our training course, we have additional support via a monthly membership. Highly recommended! See details below: Call 702-670-0397 to Sign up now


Membership - Ongoing Support


After training support is essential.  


Have you taken a class, purchased a machine for your clinic, and then just didn't know how to make it work in your practice?  

Even after the best training, there is still so much to learn. Things also change: a product is no longer available, there are changes in the industry, you have a question.  


Having ongoing access to effective tools and a quality support team is priceless.  We are fortunate to have not only an excellent dosing calculator but also support for additional questions.


Our Monthly Membership includes 24/7 access to a state-of-the-art dosing site.  A dosing calculator is one of the key selling features of other programs that require fees on every patient seen.  Access to our custom, high-quality dosing tool without paying any per-patient fees is fantastic.  


Support from a provider team who actively treat similar patients is invaluable. Subscription members have access to ongoing clinical support 24/7 via phone, text, or e-mail from the training team for HRT including pellet management questions.  


Add HRT to your clinic with confidence. 

Sign up for the membership with your training.